Can You Hear Me Now? creative campaigning in a time of crisis.

9th September 2020


COVID-19 has brought financial difficulties for many people across the UK; with income lost or reduced, growing worries about putting food on the table, and many navigating the benefits system for the first time. Keeping good mental health practices are paramount during the pandemic, however, with libraries and community resources closed, many cant access a computer, online resources, or books and films for families and adults.


Manchester Central Foodbank is making a creative arts pack with artist collective Get It Done to help provide everyone from families to individuals, refugees to those in temporary accommodation, with an opportunity and resource to entertain, engage and challenge themselves; making sure isolated and vulnerable individuals do not get left behind during the pandemic. The resulting art pieces will contribute to an online archive of narratives of poverty that we are building, amplifying voices that are too often unheard or ignored. Working with some of the recipients of the pack later in the year we plan to present a manifesto for change to local councils across Greater Manchester to help inform future social wellbeing policies for our area.


A £5 donation will support the creation of one activity pack for a foodbank user in Manchester. Head to to learn more and donate.

Have you needed to use a foodbank during the COVID-19 outbreak and surrounding crisis? Has coronavirus put you in a position of uncertainty? We’d like to hear from you. Your voice and your story matter to us, and we want to make sure that people who need to use foodbanks aren’t forgotten during this time.
Email [email protected] or text +447842039714 to learn more or get involved.

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